Monday, August 8, 2011

Why does a taurus man play so many mind games?

This taurus guy I like has been off the wall lately his birthday is 5-6..... He used to stare out his window at me and listen to conversations with my friends. He has 3 different yahoo names and pretends that he is someone else on each one ( he denies having other names of course). I finally got fed up with his one name who was a married guy looking to have some fun and don't even want to speak to him anymore! After that happened since the guy I like and I are neighbors I was leaving out the parking lot there are 2 exits and he always comes in the first exit and I go out the 2nd exit well he came in the 2nd exit and was blocking me in so I could not leave. I had to stop my car and I couldn't go around him and had to let him p or I would hit him with my car as I did that looked at him he was steadily looking at me in his rearview mirror and had his hand up in the air waving. I mean seriously wtf did he do it just to make me mad or get under my skin? He has been playing the act as if he has someone first he tells a friend of mine he is going back to his ex-wife and now the story has changed to the lady before his ex-wife and she is married....I mean what the hell...... I just want him to be real with me and I don't know what he is trying to do and if all I am is just a game I told his one personality on yahoo that I was sick of being his game. I mean why would he go to all the trouble of doing all of this he has sideline girls anytime he wants them why am I so special??

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